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Client Testimonials

I have had the great fortune of being represented them on more than one occasion, and have the highest regard for their services. They are experienced personal injury attorneys who provide excellent, consultative service for their clients. As a professional working in legal industry, I can say from experience, that the firm of Layfield & Wallace is of the highest quality legal representation you can obtain.


I have nothing but praise for Phil Layfield. Phil has provided me the utmost professional service and courtesy in my business withhim and his law firm. Phil has represented me in a manner way beyond my expectations. They are professional personal injury lawyer


I just can’t say enough good things Layfield & Wallace, APC and Phil Layfield. I have had the opportunity to work with Phil and his team on several business litigation cases in which I have been involved with. I can say that Phil and his team cared about personal injury and others involved, and Phil and his team have delivered outstanding results in every case.


They are best personal injury lawyer, My grandmother had a nasty fall last year. It was at the funeral for her sister, making the day even worse. It was immediately evident that her wrist was broken. She was rushed to the hospital. The whole situation was a nightmare. Surgery, metal pins, braces, rehab, and LOTS OF PAIN – You name it, she had to go through it.

It was clear at the time of the fall that the area of the ground where my grandmother fell was poorly contoured. Unbelievably, the cemetery put up a fuss about doing anything for my 83-year old grandmother.

At that point I knew I had to contact an attorney. A colleague at my office mentioned Bradley Wallace to me. That was an easy enough name to remember as I have the same first name. I looked him up online. I was impressed by his education and track record so I called him the next morning. That very same day a very nice gentleman showed up at her door. She lived 50 miles away, yet he drove there to see her. He was very polite, very professional and very comforting. A day or two later, Mr. Wallace had an investigator examining the scene of the fall. He got all the doctors to forward the records promptly to his office.

Somewhere between 30 and 60 days after contacting Bradley Wallace my grandmother received a substantial check and a substantial apology from the cemetery where she fell. Words cannot express how fantastic Mr. Wallace handled this case, addressed every one of our concerns and thoroughly explained what we needed to do. I would recommend him 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. He gets an A+ in my book.


If you are looking for a firm to handle your litigation needs or personal injury lawyer, you ought to look no further. I say so because I write this, not as an attorney (which I am), but as a client. I have perspective from both sides of the table as a result of representing thousands of clients over the years. I’ve come to know countless lawyers as well.

So for those of you who are in need of experienced, aggressive, fiercely loyal, and acutely intelligent legal representation, Layfield and Wallace are your guys. Brad Wallace, the attorney I was fortunate enough to have take my case, is a consummate professional who exceeded my expectations throughout.

Ultimately, my case settled before trial, avoiding costly litigation expenses and the risk of getting far less. I will simply say I was delighted both with the settlement figure, as well as Mr. Wallace’s ability to resolve my matter. Fortunately or unfortunately, I now have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to have an active litigation matter in my own life. The peace of mind, comfort, and security that I received, knowing that my case was being handled by competent and skilled lawyers was really all I could ask for.

I recommend this firm out-of-hand; if there were more stars to rate with here, they would get them. They will not disappoint.


I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have had the firm of Layfield and Wallace to turn to on a number of matters over the years, whether it be for larger issues or just helpful advice. While they are excellent plaintiffs attorneys they have also been gracious and extremely helpful in offering support on a wide variety of issues. Their reputation in the legal community is impeccable and I am grateful to have them in my corner. I couldn’t recommend them any more highly.


This is the second time I’m using Brad Wallace to represent me in a personal injury case. I have had a very pleasant experience working with Brad and his staff and felt very well represented. They will go above and beyond for you and make sure to get nothing but the best results. High quality service done by high quality people.


This firm is the real deal. They took on my case after multiple attorneys turned me down and thought it would be impossible to win and recover money that was rightfully mine. They are life savers! They are best personal injury lawyers


The firm was always very welcoming and nice. I never had never filed a law suit before but my case went smoothly and quickly. I was very happy.


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